A mother on a mission & her supportive son

The beginning

One day, Barbara, a writer and mother of three, came across a New York Times blog where she learnt of the fate of pregnant women in her native Cameroon. Barbara discovered how women die during child-birth in her homeland simply because they do not have the money to fund their maternity bills on time.  Looking a little further into the situation, she found that maternal death due to poverty is prevalent throughout Africa.

A tasty idea

To Barbara, sitting idle and doing nothing was not an option. She figured “if ‘lack of money’  is the problem, then ‘provision of money’ should be the answer.” Living in the Netherlands, she figured there had to be an industrious way to raise the required funds. And then the idea came: invent a recognizable treat with an African twist. Sell it. And then use the proceeds to fund birth aid. And so, after lots of trial and error, her first product was born: the ‘Afribol’.

An instant hit

First family and friends got to taste the new bite. It was a hit. Then she took it to food markets, shared it with neighbors and even got some lady friends to help multiply her efforts. Every time people tasted the unusual snack-treat, all the stock would sell out. Her son, seeing this, realized the potential of what his mother had created. He told her: “Mum, if you want to you want to do big things, you’ve got to think big.” So he decided to contact supermarkets. It was a bold move – but it paid off big. Major Dutch retailer ‘Albert Heijn’ got interested. Suddenly, the initiative was a full-blown business. 

Greatful celebration

When the news of Albert Heijn’s interest in the product got out, a media roller coaster followed,  resulting in over 40.000 units of the Afribols sold within six weeks. With the proceeds of this sale, the real work could begin. A 9-month pilot was set up in one of the medical facilities in Cameroon with the help of the award-winning Gifted Mom Organization. That pilot was a big success, resulting in over 50 mothers and babies receiving support. “We were so grateful! It really worked.” That was indeed cause for celebration! 

Celebrate Life

So tasty treats can be used to share your celebration with friends and families, while at the same time giving hope to others. Therefore, it’s our mission to give every celebration more meaning by turning your festivities into an opportunity to make the world a little better. In so doing, we share the moments that matter with one another, so that mothers-to-be can bring forth life elsewhere. Now that is celebrating life!

Join the celebration

We’ll soon be launching the Afrii Shop. And to celebrate this we’ll be sharing gifts! Choose and claim your launch gift below!

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