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The problem at hand

Life is about sharing and celebrating the moments that matter. But you know those get-togethers that just don’t give you that special feeling. Somehow they lack meaning and are easily forgotten. A shame, because all our celebration moments can and ought to be incredibly meaningful. Especially to the many mothers and babies who are too often denied the privilege of celebrating life.

Celebration denied... what?

In different parts of the world,  money is required for healthcare during pregnancy and birth. Many mothers who do not have the required funds are left on their own to deal with the birth of their babies – even if they are faced with complications. A problem that is most prevalent in Africa. This ought not to be so. And together we can do something about it.

The idea

Our solution? Sharing celebratory moments with one another using tasty treats! Because food connects. And since food is a staple at every party, we can use it to make the celebration unexpectedly special for those near and far.

A touch of Africa

Africa is known for its many flavors, cultures and warm embrace. It’s a continent that knows how to celebrate. So we create tasty treats with a recognizable basis and a tasty touch of Africa. That’s how you get the most delicious treats for successful celebration moments.

Celebrate Life

Your celebration gets even better when in celebrating you create a special moment for another person. So with every Afrii delicacy you enjoy, you make a celebration possible for a mother-to-be in Africa. So, let’s share the special moments, the delicious food, and the celebration of life together. 

Join the celebration

We’ll soon be launching the Afrii Shop. And to celebrate this we’ll be sharing gifts! Choose and claim your launch gift below!

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